Nov 28, 2023 | States

Ever since the US Supreme Court in the Dobb’s decision sent the issue of abortion back to the states to decide, I knew that the new battleground for the pro-life cause is now at each state capitol.  I have been praying over the idea of some concentrated fervent prayer at state capitol buildings.  With this idea in mind, when my wife and I took an Alaskan cruise to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, I decided I wanted to pray for Alaska at their state capitol building in Juneau.  We walked up the street from our cruise ship to the capitol building and went inside.  The guard cordially welcomed us and gave us a brochure on doing a self-guided tour.  On one of the floors we were silently praying and looking at the photos and artifacts on the walls when a very tall man came out of one of the offices and asked us where we were from and what we were doing.  We told him that we were there to pray for Alaska.  He was very appreciative.  Then another group of four came out of the same office and entered into our conversation about various things.

After a few minutes, one of the younger women asked us if we knew to whom we were speaking, and I honestly replied, “No.”  She informed me that the tall gentleman was the governor of Alaska (and I learned later that the woman in the group of four was the Lt Governor).  They both thanked us for our prayers and asked if we would like to have our photo taken with the governor, to which we readily agreed.  We then proceeded to the gallery of the House of representatives for more silent prayer.  And then to the gallery for the senate which along with silent prayer included talking with another aide to one of the senators.  As we left the building to go back to our cruise ship, I had the impression that God had smiled on our endeavor and that the idea of a prayer campaign at each state capitol is something that would please Him.  Our overall commission to “remove the covering” of spiritual blindness can be carried out at this present time by “effectual fervent prayer” “on the ground” at state capitols.  

Neil and Elaine Sandford with the Governor of Alaska

Since then, after conferring with the spiritual leaders of The Kingdom Christian Ministries, it was decided that this prayer campaign should have a wider scope than just the pro-life issue, but include other controversial issues concerning righteousness such as the acknowledgment of God in the public arena, strengthening the family, parental rights, and evangelism.